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Software Engineer

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I'm a Software Engineer from Toronto, Canada. I aim to make a difference in the world through my creative solutions and excellent problem solving skills.

Worked with multiple project teams to create user-friendly and appealing application interfaces and websites for users.

Address : Toronto, Canada
Email : rsheth618@gmail.com
Phone : + 1 647 972 6525
Interest : Full-time


Software Engineering | Centennial College

Through assignments, projects and hands on exercises I acquired effective working skills in the areas of web development, testing, mining and software engineering using various technologies like Java, C#, Node, Angular, Android and MongoDb.

Bachelors of Engineering in Computer Science | SNPIT & RC, India

Excelled at various subjects like Business Intelligence & Data Mining, Algorithm, Cyber Security, Web Application Development. 

Worked on several projects developing products in C#. 


Software Engineer @ FOCUS.inspired

  • Helped in designing “Career buddy” app to help people reach career success by supporting the job hunt with guidance and resources  on resumes, interviews and networking. 
  • As part of the Centennial College’s Design Jam placement Program connecting students to employers , participated in numerous personal and professional development workshops.

Student Researcher @ Centennial College

  • As part of the Applied Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Services we analysed the current library system and found bugs/errors. Provided suggestions to improve user experience and design. 
  • Conducted investigation on the top universities/colleges library websites to find the best practices, features, and the easiest way to code and manage a library system using open source platforms. 
  • Innovated new features to intrigue users to read and use library facilities more and in an easier and convenient way. 

Peer Tutor @ Freelancer

  • Made the subjects Advanced Programming, Mobile Application Development and Linear Algebra and Statistics interesting and fun to learn. I helped develop deep interest and thorough knowledge in these subjects.
  • Helped improve the process of learning and remembering the core concepts faster and retaining in creative and easy ways with numerous convenient techniques.

Designer @ SAMP

  • Developed a Web App for a non profit to share rides for charity purposes. SAMP helps connect people with one another going to the same place.
  • Doing charity in this manner enforces unity in fellow brothers and sisters, saves gas, builds relationships and reduces CO2 emissions saving environment.

Monitoring Center Technician @ UCIT

  • Monitor numerous sites having an attention to detail and complete alertness.
  • Created a JavaScript based tool "Click & Paste" to enhance the productivity in the job which grabs the text easily and retrieves them on a click reducing a lot of redundant effort for many people in many kinds of job.

Customer Experience Representative @ Greenwich Associates

  • This experience provided me with essential skills in enhancing interpersonal communication skills.
  • Through charming pleasant voice, patience and problem solving skills I was able to accomplish valuable surveys for TD Canada Trust, Canada and TD Bank, US.
  • Became Certified by earning digital badges in Jira, Agile and Scrum.

Recruitment Consultant @ IMS People

  • Recruited candidates for US geographies for particular skills of our clients.
  • Sourced and Screened candidates resumes for the client requirements, to determine the best applicant for the job.
  • Worked actively on requirements such as Technician, Manufacturing Engineer, Test Technician, Electrical Engineer, Financial Analyst, Customer Service Representative Executive Assistant etc.
  • Qualify candidates for appropriate positions through a process of sourcing, screening, and interviewing.
  • Working on all level requirements within Mortgage, Financial & Banking and Retail Customer Services.


Software Development

App Development

Product Design


Digital Marketing

Video Production

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